This is a short historic of how we started Fausset Creative and where are we now:


The Beginning of the Road

Fausset Printing begins. A small print shop in Ventura CA's East side. Finding an immediate need to design client files, Fausset opens with a small in-house design group.

Print Design Shop

Trying to keep up with the demands of a "Round-the-clock" print shop, Fausset assembles and recruits a high-end, extremely talented print design team. Award winning designers provide a great foundation for what will become Fausset Creative.

Web Design + Video + Marketing and more...

The needs of our clients expanded to the point that we could no longer be a print-only shop. We added marketing, web, video production and brand management to our team. Trade Show graphics, promotional video, high-end web design and focused business marketing round out the offerings from Fausset Creative. Virtually - the sky is the limit with your project.


A very successful media and design firm.

Throughout history, leaders have used mottos as war cries of sentiment, hope, and determination. Today, brands use their motto as a driving force – to reach out and inspire others. Your purpose embodies what your brand stands for, and why people should care.  

The concept of Fausset "Creative" is so important to us that we made it the ethos that drives our approach to branding and project development. We look for clients who have something to say, not just something to sell. Purpose inspires us. We hope it inspires you, too.

If you're looking to grow your brand and your business, and forge deep connections with your audience, we'd love see how we can help. and have been creating, thinking, designing, laughing, and pioneering innovative thought leadership ever since.